IBWS is unique in many ways, but perhaps most importantly, we do not want to be your water treatment systems provider. We endeavor to be your WATER SOLUTIONS PARTNER. As a technology integrator IBWS selects components for capability, efficiency, and cost effectiveness.

We don’t deliver “end of pipe” treatment systems designed to sell our products. We provide SOLUTIONS with an eye toward innovation. Options such as closed loops for process water and upstream pretreatment can lessen the scope and requirements for end treatment, often with significant saving is equipment and operating costs.

Along with numerous innovations in treatment devices and methods, the treatment philosophy of IBWS is a significant part of what makes us unique. The use of proprietary IONZ® technology, to enhance solids removal and disinfection, along with electrochemical principles to reduce demand for added chemicals gives the TerraSan line of products a distinct advantage. By reducing retention time and thereby increasing throughput of the systems, the required space is greatly reduced over traditional methods.

Further, as the requirements for water and wastewater treatment are evolving over time, the modular design allows for a “minimalist” approach to achieve treatment objectives. Flexibility of design allows each system to be “custom” engineered to the project specifications. Should those requirements change over time, other modules can be easily incorporated to adapt to change without a total change in treatment approach.