Water Conservation – Many areas of the world are experiencing long term drought and short term water supply issues. As a result, a new focus has emerged on water conservation in regions and countries that, in the past, had not faced supply issues.

The IONZ BlueWater team will provide water audits to help you better understand your water consumption and wastewater production and recommend policies and procedures for better water management and conservation.



Water Reuse – Major infrastructure programs are under way in many areas to provide “purple pipe” water. This concept has been adopted as the water and wastewater industry responds to water supply issues. The “purple pipe” provides treated wastewater for reuse as non-potable technical or service water in homes, businesses and industry or for use as irrigation water. In some areas, treated wastewater is also being reused to enhance surface water or ground water supplies.

IBWS can provide on site reuse systems, providing water for reuse in a variety of applications from process water, technical and service water, or for irrigation. If economics permit, high purity and potable water can also be achieved. Our team is available to provide assessments and recommendations of the most practical options for each application.



New Technology Directions to Meet the Needs – Traditional wastewater treatment methods are often impractical to provide the flexibility that the changing market demands. A strong focus has been placed on new technology development to enable appropriate measures for the variety of conditions that must be met for practical conservation and reuse options. From high efficiency membrane systems to advanced oxidation techniques coupled with new design philosophies, the industry is evolving to meet market demand.

IBWS custom engineers each system to meet the conditions for your project. After the appropriate assessments have been performed, our design experts will develop the design specification based on project criteria for inlet water conditions and treated water values. Control strategies will be tailored to your needs and budget.



Decentralized Wastewater Treatment – Municipal wastewater treatment has traditionally been don in large centrally located facilities designed to service the entire community/region. Due to various factors, such as infrastructure costs and the associated energy costs for moving water to the facilities and back to the end users as reuse water, a trend toward smaller, localized decentralized systems is emerging.

IBWS offers systems for projects from resorts to housing developments for sewage treatment in small footprint, high efficiency systems providing reuse water on site, eliminating the demand on existing infrastructure. A range of systems for on site industrial wastewater treatment and reuse are also available.


Market Evolution – Mergers and acquisitions, institutional investment, and globalization are all affecting the water and wastewater market in an unprecedented fashion. As the market continues to evolve, while favorable in the long term, these changes can sometimes adversely affect certain market segments.

Here is where IBWS really makes a difference. Our expertise and experience allows us to fill the gaps in the changing market and ensure that your facility or project gets the innovation, focus and support that you deserve.