The TerraSan modular approach to water and wastewater treatment provides great flexibility in addressing your needs. From pre - treatment to final polishing or complete treatment systems, there is a TerraSan custom engineered product to provide the right solution for your project.


Systems available for Wastewater and Process Water Treatment
ALWAYS custom engineered for your water quality and flow rate requirements

> Wastewater

  • Pre-treatment
  • Complete package skidded systems
  • Supplemental treatment to existing systems Polishing

> Process Water

  • Pre-treatment for RO or UF
  • Reduction/removal of targeted values
  • Skidded high purity process water systems

>Complete Treatment

  • Discharge to POTW
  • Discharge to surface water
  • Reuse

> Pre Treatment

  • BOD, TSS, FOG reduction
  • Metals removal
  • Scale reduction
  • Biological control

> Polishing

  • Disinfection
  • Color removal
  • Water quality for recycle/reuse/high purity applications