The TerraSan modular approach to water and wastewater treatment provides great flexibility in addressing your needs. From pre - treatment to final polishing or complete treatment systems, there is a TerraSan custom engineered product to provide the right solution for your project.


> Water services contracts - Build, Own and Operate
  • No acquisition cost
  • Pay only for water treated
  • Outsourced maintenance and service

> Equipment leasing
  • Flexible terms for qualified companies
  • No capital budget cost operations costs only
> Remote monitoring, troubleshooting & diagnosis
  • Web based secure interface
  • Direct contact with design/build team
  • Diagnosis and guidance for on-site maintenance/repair
> Short and long term maintenance contracts
  • Regional or local service
  • Terms to meet your project needs and budget
  • Reduces personnel requirements
> Treatability Studies
  • On-site water characterization/analysis
  • Bench scale testing
  • Optimization tests.